dcrypt :closed_lock_with_key:A petite library of encryption functions for PHP :star: 81
phpfuzz :peach: Obfuscate PHP with javascript :star: 15
strcmp-pwn :watch: A strcmp timing attack example :star: 9
redistree :deciduous_tree: A clean Redis web interface for Laravel 5 :star: 7
valhalla :trident: A highly configurable DNS tunneling virtual server :star: 3
temper :fire: Fast and intuitive temp file creation and destruction :star: 1
retro :dark_sunglasses: Some PHP function compatibility shims :star: 1
airdrive :cloud: Turn IMAP mail servers into clustered cloud file storage drive. :star: 1
2wirebrute :muscle: A 2WIRE router default password generator :star: 1
visigoth :european_castle: A dockerized dnscrypt + dnsmasq server :star: 0
semlock :gem: A semaphore wrapper for closures :star: 0
remember :bellhop_bell: PHP single-request static object storage container :star: 0
predis-multi A closure wrapper for predis transactions :star: 0
phporacle :collision: A PHP implementation of a padding oracle crack :star: 0
nordvpn-proxy Docker container that connects to NordVPN and starts a SOCKS5 proxy. :star: 0
nordvpn NordVpn Docker Client :star: 0
monorail :monorail: A performance minded closure execution queue built on Redis :star: 0
mmeyer2k.github.io :scroll: The Jekyll code which powers mmeyer2k.github.io :star: 0
longmath An arbitrary precision math class :star: 0
laravel-sqli-stomper A Laravel plugin which prevents SQL injection attacks and forces usage of PDO parameters :star: 0
harpocrates :herb: Bulletproof symmetric encryption library for .NET :star: 0
flight-plans :airplane: Flight plans for my favorite routes :star: 0
drawbridge :star: 0
chug :beer: A docker image for archiving web pages :star: 0